This is the Post-Jam version for GMTK 2020 Game Jam  - Out Of Control.

Jam version - WHOOPS!ALL GAS!! Jam Entry

Drive your out of control car as long as possible without hitting anything. 

New Features:

  • Updated UI
  • More detailed town; crosswalks, fire hydrants, etc (Visit the beach!)
  • Fancy water graphics
  • New traffic and traffic control system with working lights
  • Car wheels turn when steering
  • Tires leave tracks when sliding
  • Tuned down max acceleration

Left Arrow/A - Steer Left

Right Arrow/D - Steer Right

F - Explode(Reset) 

Reach One minute to unlock casual mode.

Casual Mode gives you back the gas pedal! No best score.

Up Arrow/W - Forward

Down Arrow/S - Reverse

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